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Billet Forks

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Our Billet Forks are designed to allow Axle clearance for your AWD setup. They are custom designed to provide clearance to allow the Rear Axles to pass through the bottom Shocks straight from the Rear Differential. Each Billet Fork bolts to the factory location and to your existing shock-body. Without these Forks, you will be touching the lower part of the shock-body.

To utilize this product, you will need to run Coils/Suspensions with removable bottom sleeves, as a new set of sleeves will be provided with your order. Specification of your Coils brand along with sleeve diameter and thread pitch is required during your checkout process to insure we send your the correct size sleeves. Sleeves are currently available in the following sizes:








Our AWD products are made to be compatible with all OEM parts and OEM locations. Made for off-road use only.