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S1Built, LLC.

Custom Modified Driveshaft with Freelander Viscous Coupler - STAGE 1

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Our used Freelander Driveshaft with Viscous Coupler custom modified to length. Includes new Slip Yoke with 1310 joints for the rear of the driveshaft, front spline stubs and rear tube yoke, precision machined for a perfect fit to the Driveshaft. Our replacement Carrier Bearings with bearings are also pre-installed on these custom Freelander Driveshafts as well.

Please note: Measurement of the driveshaft will be collected after your order is placed. 

Disclaimer: These are used Freelander Driveshafts and we are not responsible for the physical and operational condition of them. You are purchasing this item as is. All sales are final. 

Our products are made for Off-road use only. Our products full potential is based entirely upon proper installation. Made in the USA. All sales are final.