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S1Built, LLC.

OEM Style AWD/RWD/FWD Rear Trailing Arms

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These Arms are developed in-house and hand crafted to order. Each set of Arms are reinforced with gusset back plates, which is a must have, especially for auto-crossing or time-attack builds. They come standard with our custom 1-piece hubs and bearings in 23 splines and are powder-coated in Industrial Black. Disk Brakes Mounting Points are built into these Arms, non-compatible with drum brakes. Compatible with all factory parts and sits directly in the stock location. Available in 4x100 with pre-drilled holes for the option to go 4x114.3 and also available in 5x114.3 as well. 

Suitable for Time Attack, Drag, Rally, Auto-cross and daily driving.

Note: Sourcing of bushings will be required, as BUSHINGS ARE NOT INCLUDED with these arms.

Our products are made for Off-road use only. Our products full potential is based entirely upon proper installation. Made in the USA. All sales are final.